Welcome to BigLoose.com's brand new website.

This is the 3rd version of Bigloose.com.

2002-2006 Bigloose V1 design by Platform:5

2006-2009 Bigloose V2 which took a long time to come out as I had to learn how to design it. But thanks to Joomla and the help of a few people it was launched in December 2006.

and now V3 is out! The site is still running on Joomla

V3 is also the merge of BigLoose.com and BigLoose.com/bigler my personal/familly website.  As my video work/life is always quite linked with my family life, I decided to merge the 2 websites.

Hopefully having the 2 sites merged will motivate me to keep it more up to date. The past 2 years it has only been infrequently updated.

We hope you will enjoy navigating on this web site and we hope you will come back soon.


BigLoose.com v3 is on it's way. It's just very hard to find time to work on it.

Now everything is mostly in place. I just need to work on the design and finalize some texts.

I hope I will be able to publish everything very soon and make this website more lively again.  


Bigloose.com home of the swiss video artist BigLoose

This page is under construction, come back soon...

Gardrecht Garden (featuring BigLoose) was in 24 heures (a swiss newspaper).