Finally the video setup is up and running. Hopefully all our struggles can be useful for other users who read this poste. I will try to summarize the main findings below. For the description of all the tests, refer to the previous post.

The new set up is now as described in the below schematic:


The solution to link the Panasonic AW-HS50E mixer to the Sanyo PLV-WF10 projector was in the end to use a Blackmagic SDI to Analog Mini converter.

For the history, the different tested setup were:

Currently working on a new HD/SD video setup for C3 Lausanne.

The plan is to have everything (excepted the projector) in a flight case to allow easy transport and quick setup.

The schematic probably will be:


C3L Beaulieu schematic

The process of understanding how we should do it has not been totally straight forward as I don't know too much about HD (yet). I will try to give some details on what we learned with a short review of the different pieces of equipment.



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